John Lockwood

Unboxing a Mind

Giving Up Social Media - One Month Later

As I write this it’s February 4th. On New Year’s Eve, or roughly 35 days ago, I announced my decision to give up social media. A couple of days later, I refined that to be a three week test, lest my mind react would react as it often does to a perceived deprivation by doing the opposite of what we’re trying to will it to do. Today I’m here to give a retrospective report on the experiment, which had great results overall.

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Vegan Diet and Cholesterol

This week I got the news of my blood test results from my doctor. I was very pleased to see that my cholesterol numbers had improved dramatically, since this was one of my main reasons to adopt a plant based diet. (In fact my doctor had once mentioned that a plant based diet was the best way to bring the numbers down).

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Two New Mind Hacks - Insight Meditation and RSS Readers

This week I’m revisiting two tools that have been absent from my life for too long, insight meditation and an RSS reader. There’s really not much relation between the two, other than I wanted to re-introduce both of them into my life in the same week. Something you do that you might find useful or beneficial is a good working definition of a mind hack, so I’ve glued them together that way. I hope they like each other!

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