John Lockwood

Not a writer, but playing one on the internet

Internet Research and Criticism

This page links to several resources that I’ve examined in trying to learn more about Surveillance Capitalism, the many problems surrounding “social” media, and personal internet security and privacy online.

Social Media Research and Criticism

Papers, Books, etc.


  • Botometer - Tool that estimates the probability that a Twitter account is a bot.

Personal Internet Security

Learning Resources

  • How to Browse Anonymously - This YouTbe video covers the basics of browsing in such a way that you can’t be tracked, and introduces many of the tools discussed in the section below.


  • TOR Browser - A more secure web browser, which helps to thwart online surveillance. TOR stands for The Onion Router, and implements the onion routing technique
  • Tails OS - A portable operating system that can be run from a flash drive, tails uses the onion router protocol for all web traffic, not just the browser, and does not store any trace of its use that you don’t explicitly save.
  • Proton VPN - This is one of many Virtual Private Networks that’s suitable for adding extra protection for web traffic (in conjunction with TOR). Both free and paid plans are available.
  • Proton Mail - Secure email based in Switzerland. This is a well designed, secure, free email service.