John Lockwood

Unboxing a Mind

Two New Mind Hacks - Insight Meditation and RSS Readers

This week I’m revisiting two tools that have been absent from my life for too long, insight meditation and an RSS reader. There’s really not much relation between the two, other than I wanted to re-introduce both of them into my life in the same week. Something you do that you might find useful or beneficial is a good working definition of a mind hack, so I’ve glued them together that way. I hope they like each other!

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What Do You Do With The Walmart Cashier?

A Walmart cashier lost his job. Or Safeway, or Raley’s, or pick your store, your supermarket. Once you had a bar-code reader, you could always make your customers do the mechanical act of scanning. Tack on a credit card reader and some software I could have written twenty years ago, and your Walmart cashier loses her job, or pick your store, your supermarket.

You noticed, more or less, but what was there to say?

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