John Lockwood

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Bad Vegans, Good Vegetarians

Back when I was eating more vegetarian meals but still backsliding into the more than occasional hamburger, I tried to do the right thing by admitting I was a bad vegetarian. In retrospect I was no such thing. I was not a vegetarian at all. What I really was was an omnivore who was experimenting with portions.

Now that I’m a bad vegan (more on this below), I’ve been wondering why vegans have to call themselves vegans, since it seems to me that what we are is really vegetarians.

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Social Media Withdrawal

Happy New Year to all my readers, which at this point is likely to be just me. But let’s not fret about that. If need be I can chat with my wife and double my readership.

Today is New Year’s Day, and so far it’s been an awesome day. My wife, my daughter and I started out the year with some vegan waffles, then a 3.5 mile walk in beautiful cool, foggy weather for Kidmiles. There was one little annoyance, however, detracting from an otherwise perfect day.

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Consumptive Minimalism and Productive Maximalism

Social networks are infrequently useful but always addictive. They replace sustained original thinking with franticly retweeting the cleverness of others. We click and scroll mindlessly, in the hope of making a connection with someone else who – like us – is not really paying attention. They have turned the Internet into electronic lab experiments on adult human rats. If used at all they are best used sparingly, like jalapeños or salt.

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