Wow, a personal web site. How retro. And I’m not selling anything, even a career.

Well, my name is John Lockwood, an identity bequeathed along with bunch of good DNA and other benefits of human life from my lovely parents. I grew up in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, and I come to Charlotte, North Carolina by way of Indiana, Maryland, Connecticut, and California. My lovely wife is from Colombia. We’ll be celebrating our twelve year anniversary this year. I have a daughter from a previous marriage who lives with her mom.

This site is an attempt to bring order to the chaos of too many GitHub repositories about too many things, by glomming it all into a single site about all my interests. Of course such a scheme is explicitly atopical and lends itself to being systematically ignored by those looking for a site about programming (an interest of mine), or cognitive science, or human language learning, or Buddhism, or recovery from substance misuse.

All of these and whatever else doesn’t embarrass me enough to scare me out of publishing it will live here. I’ll attempt to organize it to make it at least amusing to me, and possibly of some passing interest to others.