Writing Before Being Dead Limits My Ability to Do So

A chronic feeling as I hurtle toward retirement and death is that I have accomplished nothing. So I thought I’d blog about it, in the spirit of what we did in the 2000-naughts. I remember that time as being after we put up our underachieving web sites by hand but before we boasted of our non-accomplishments on social media.

This is a retro thing to do. Not quite as retro as brandishing a fountain pen, which is what I did in high school, but retro enough.

In high school when I hadn’t written in a while, the fountain pen would dry up and I’d scribble in the notebook for a bit to get the ink to flow. Years later I’d forget the hexo command or bash script or whats-it to deploy the site, so I’d put up a test post.

Check one two.

Written on January 26, 2019