Best Reads This Week - January 12, 2017

A very pleasant result that came out of my experiment of beginning to using a feed reader again is that I’ve been finding lots of fun stuff to read. I thought I’d share some of the best of what I bumped into this week, and I may turn this into a weekly feature.

Library Extension

This article introduced me to what seems like a really cool idea for those of us who are already thinking the book clutter has gotten unmanageable. It’s a Chrome extension that searches your public library to see if a book is available as you shop for books on Amazon. I tried it out and it seems to work really well – time to go get library cards at some nearby county / city libraries!

The Milliseconds of a Choice

Subtitled “Watching Your Mind When It Matters”, Deric discusses that small (200 millisecond) window of opportunity between your thoughts arising and your mind concocting some elaborate story, emotional response, and otherwise making up a new reality for you to believe in. He talks about the difference between “attentional mind” and “mind wandering” – which I also commented on yesterday.

Nerds and Religion Don’t Mix?

This post in the excellent “Today I Learned” reddit feed struck me as a bit funny, but also somewhat sad. It cites an article about the TempleOS operating system, a weird OS developed by a programmer who thought his new creation was the Third Temple as prophesied in the Bible. Unfortunately, the author suffered from schizophrenia. However, at least one kind soul saw past the general mockery to which the Internet subjected the author, by giving his work a serious review.

On Rooted Productivity

In this short piece, Cal Newport discusses an interesting productivity hack I think might be worth a try. I may spend a few moments tomorrow on my lunch break implementing this.

The Salvation of Man is Through Love and in Love

Gretchen Rubin discusses some of some of the work and philosophy of Vicktor Frankl, a man whose story of spiritual victory over enormous odds is one I’ve heard before, but now want to get more familiar with than I am. Oh darn, good reading leading to more good reading – if I continue down this dark path I’m in danger of learning something.

I Used To Be a Human Being - How Technology Almost Killed Me

We have two from Deric’s Mindblog this week. In this piece he talks about Andrew Sullivan’s awful consequences of living too much in the web. Looks like we made it through our list just in time to step away from the keyboard and go check in with my lovely wife!

Written on January 12, 2017