Have Something to Say

This site is all about experiments. I’m quitting social media, but only on a trial basis. I’m a bad vegan, but I might break down and become a good one. One of the experiments here is to just write. This doesn’t mean it’s all about stream of consciousness or anything like that, it just means writing short posts that have some kind of topic. How retro!

Having a topic means having something to say, at least for a few minutes at a time. So one of the experiments going on here is to see what happens to one’s brain if you give it the exercise of having something to say on a consistent basis. Does the brain get tired of making stuff up alone and give up? Does it learn how to have more things to say for more extended periods? Does it overdose on its own perceived self-importance and blow up, oh and by the way:

I sure hope it doesn’t blow up, but if it does, I hope two heroes will run from it and escape the blast just in time so we can make a campy action sequence out of it.

Having a topic means realizing when you’re off topic.

At the same time that I’m experimenting with the lost art of having something to say, I’m also doing that without any real efforts at promotion. The core of the incessant noise that is the Internet is that it focuses more on promotion than on substance. The currency of this curiosity shop is the basest pebble being hawked like the rarest diamond.

I’m not proposing that we have a duty to rise to better things, nor even suggesting that this blog in its current form represents the model of a way forward.

It’s just a blog. It ain’t Hemingway.

But rather than focus on selling you my fake pearls, I thought it might be a nice hobby to go take a pebble or two to my corner and polish them up. Sure, Google indexes this site and you might find something here.

Don’t blame me.

Written on January 4, 2017