100 Days of Action to End Childhood Immigrant Detention (Day 1)

Today I pledge to take action for 100 days (#100DaysOfAction) to end the appalling conditions of putting children in concentration camps at our southern border. The idea is to spend at least one hour per day taking action to make this end. For my first day, I’ve been calling my congressional representatives, a task that’s made very simple using the 5 Calls App. To learn more, read on!

I first learned about the 5 Calls app through the excellent Lifehacker article, How to Protest Human Rights Abuses at U.S. Detention Centers. The app, which installed through the Play Store in almost no time at all, can also be found at https://5calls.org. Installing it was easy, and you can either enter your zip code or let it know your device’s location, and based on that it can find your U.S. Senators, your Representative, etc. You can dial right from the application and if you don’t know what to say it will even give you a script you can use. It walks you through the whole process such as making sure you leave your name and complete address so your call will be logged as a constituent call.

So far I’ve called my Senators, but the office of my House Representative, Alma Adams, hadn’t opened yet so I still need to make one more call.

In addition, I started blogging about it and will start promoting this on Twitter. Last night I started trying to put together a Lights for Liberty vigil in Charlotte, so I have some ideas around that, but if it works better I may fly out to Florida or Texas instead depending on what’s needed.

Written on June 26, 2019