Uptown Charlotte is Downtown Charlotte, and It's Still In North Carolina

Today is day two of my #100DaysOfAction to try to fight on behalf of caged children at our southern border (and at government facilities all around the country). One of my goals for the next few days is to try to work with the Lights for Liberty organization to bring a vigil to Charlotte.

With this goal in mind, the other night I reached out on the Lights for Liberty site with the intention of bringing a vigil to Charlotte. I got a nice note back that there’s already one scheduled. It’s a bit confusing, however, because the link to the Charlotte Vigil goes to an event that’s not in Charlotte, but in nearby York County, South Carolina.

I’m not sure why that is, but I’ve been reaching out to some folks and will continue to do so for the next couple of days to see if it’s worth moving Charlotte to Charlotte, so to speak.

This is partly driven by an experience I had about a year ago (also in June), when I attended a well-organized Families Belong Together Vigil in Charlotte’s First Ward Park – right in the heart of Downtown Charlotte – or as we call it here in a rather bizzaro-world way, “Uptown Charlotte”.

There were great speakers, wonderful people, and of course a candlelight vigil. One sad thing I remember was being asked to bring a stuffed animal or other comfort toy, then being told when I got there that DHS or ICE was not accepting gifts for the children.

I still have the Teddy Bear our government wouldn’t let us give a child. Here he is, freshly let out of the Target bag he lives in.

Having a leftover child’s toy, of course, is not remotely as sad as the fact that one year later the seven children have died, and thousands have been – and are being – intentionally abused by our government as a misguided deterrent against people who are desperate enough to risk their lives to come here.

Written on June 26, 2019