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On day 4 of my #100DaysOfAction to end childhood detention on our Southern border, I created an event, which has since been cancelled due to a crazy person.

Why I Thought You Should Have Come

Here’s what’s going on in Migrant detention camps, according to a Doctor who visited:

Sevier, a private-practice physician in the Rio Grande Valley, was granted access to a facility in McAllen, Texas, after attorneys discovered a flu outbreak that sent five infants to a neonatal intensive-care unit. At the detention center — the largest such Border Patrol facility in the country — Sevier examined 39 children under the age of 18 facing conditions including “extreme cold temperatures, lights on 24 hours a day, no adequate access to medical care, basic sanitation, water, or adequate food.” All 39 exhibited signs of trauma.

Source: Inhumane Conditions at Migrant Detention Camps

Written on June 29, 2019