What to Do Next

Today I’m calling it Day 8 of 100 days of action. To be honest I’m feeling a bit lacking in clear direction, so I’m just putting one foot in front of the other and trying to write a few words so as not to get hopelessly behind in that effort. In the last few days I’ve been making friends on Facebook – mostly from the list of folks who liked the Charlotte Poor People’s Campaign and learning about that and Repairers of the Breach.

I would like to start a meetup here in Charlotte, but I’m not sure whether it should be affiliated with the Poor People’s Campaign or focused more narrowly on justice for immigrants and closing the concentration camps. I’ve posted a poll on Facebook, but inasmuch as I have no influence, I think I’ll either have to just flip a coin or stand up two meetups and see which one bears fruit. Of course, if they both do, I may end up pretty busy! But at least I’ll have some folks to pal around with. This social media stuff is for the birds – it’s mostly a place where you can try to organize a rally and have others discourage you from that.

Yikes. Pues, adelante, comandante.

Written on July 6, 2019