Lights for Liberty Event in Charlotte

This evening I was pleased to participate and speak at the Charlotte Lights for Liberty Event that I helped to organize. Pastor Brenda Stevenson had the courage to go through with the event after I got cold feet, a result of being discouraged by some other activists who insisted that Charlotte was going to be located in South Carolina this year. (Yeah, don’t ask).

How did it go? Well, I met some fine people, folks I’d connected with on Facebook and others. I was interviewed by Lauren Dugan, a very nice reporter from Fox 46 News. She convinced me to do the interview wearing my red MAGA Parody hat, “Make Racism Wrong Again”, and that’s going to be viewed by some Fox-watching folks here in Charlotte, so let’s hope the next 48 hours don’t develop into any trouble.

The audience was very kind, but I didn’t think the actual remarks I made went over very well. Jane Whitley and John (who led the prayer), both did awesome jobs, in my opinion. The interview was scarier, but I thought my remarks there were better.

As for me, I’m just very happy that we were able to get the word out to some folks, and get some coverage to help draw attention to the deplorable conditions at the camps.

Written on July 12, 2019