Voter Registration and Precinct Organizing

The last two days have been pretty active for me, so although I missed writing about Day 18, I’m skipping ahead and calling it Day 19 of my #100DaysOfAction pledge. My activity has been centered on two things, voter registration and Democratic Precinct Organizing.

Last night I went to my first volunteer meeting at, where I did a batch of data entry for a bit of newly registered voters that will be following up with to get out the vote in 2018 and 2019. Does that sound boring and unglamorous? You bet it is! That’s why I get #100DaysOfAction credit for it. Hanging out on Facebook complaining looks like activism, but then there are also some real activists in the community doing a lot more than me. Occasionally I join them – last night was one such time.

It wasn’t all life in the salt mines however, as I did get the opportunity to wear this cool shirt, which I’ll also be wearing to this weekend’s Charlotte Pride Parade, where I’ll be registering voters.

John Lockwood, Volunteer,

If you want to be as cool as me, doing data entry and wearing shirts in the Charlotte area, my new friend Stacy Staggs can hook you up. You might register the one voter who can help make a difference in getting a kid out of a cage. How awesome would that be?

Organizing Precinct 126

Tonight I finished sending emails and did some other coordinating for our Charlotte Precinct 126 Democratic Party Organizing Meeting.

Here’s that neat Precinct Map again so you can find out if you live near me. If you do, why aren’t we going for coffee? I LOVE coffee.

Charlotte Voting Precinct 126

Written on August 13, 2019