Politics, News, and Other Noise

Lately I have been either pathologically withdrawing from the world, or embarked on a heroic journey in inner space. It’s too soon to tell which one of those is accurate. Either way, this trend of pathological / heroic introversion started before I quit social media, with the 2016 election.

In light of my have something to say post, bringing up the 2016 election probably sets me on fairly unsteady ground, because the only time I’ve talked about it the election so far is either to say I’m not going to talk about it, or to go off on people in social media about it.

In 2008, when Senator Feinstein received something like 3000 calls against the bank bailout versus 4 calls in favor of it, so naturally she voted for it. I should have known then that the idea of representative government in the United States is an adult fairy tale, like UFOs and magnetic healing bracelets. Yet in 2016 I got sucked in again, watching Clinton stack the deck against Bernie and later watching Russia stack the deck against Clinton.

“I voted” to me is a sticker that means something along the lines of “people told me my vote makes a difference and I believed them because I haven’t really thought it through.”

I’ve thought it through.

I hope that as 2017 moves forward, even if I should regress and check out Facebook or Twitter, that I at least won’t backslide so far and so low as to start following politics again. Politics is just a crutch for people who want to lose all the time but don’t like baseball enough to be Cubs fans.

Written on January 3, 2017