Derivatives Review and Practice

The goal of this week or perhaps 2 weeks is to review, memorize and especially practice exercise the derivative rules, with particular emphasis on:

  • Quotient and product rule memorization and practice

  • Chain rule memorization and practice

  • Memorize trig derivatives and practice problems that include them

Time permitting:

  • Some time on log(x) etc.

  • Implicit differentiation

  • Appplications

Things to try:

  • One hour of evening reading or problems in evening, largely in Thomas / Finney. (Note Thomas matches Professor Leonard almost exactly on numbering)

  • Back off somewhat from three hour goal during week. Cuts into writing too much.


  • I backed off – all the way it seems to backwards, though I did get some problems done early in the week.

  • Not sure what next week will look like at this point. Prioritizing writing, and today it’s already past five, so deferring planning to the weekend.

For fun

Caluclus with Python